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Welcome To Giistr

Our powerful chrome extension summarizes any web content (blogs articles, pdf's, research papers, eBooks) all with a simple right click. Giistr uses advanced natural language processing methods to provide accurate summaries while preserving the tone and intent of the original text. See below why Summarizing will help you today. 



Summarizing allows you to quickly extract the key points from a long article or document.


This means you can get the information you need without having to read the entire thing.


This can be especially useful if you're short on time or if you're trying to quickly scan a large amount of information.

  • Fast, Accurate, Easy to use.
  • Any type of text content.
  • Copy and share.

Improved Understanding

Summarizing helps you better understand the material by forcing you to condense it down to its most essential points.


This process of distillation can help you identify the main ideas and gain a better understanding of the content.


  • Be more productive.
  • No more countless reading
  • Condensed in seconds

Easier Sharing

Summarizing makes it easier to share the information with others.


By providing a concise summary, you can quickly convey the key points to others without overwhelming them with too much detail.


This can be useful in a variety of settings, from team meetings to presentations.


  • Up 2,500 words per summary
  • 3 summaries per day FREE
  • Upgrade if you need more
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